For those looking to purchase a unique & permanent Blossom Wall installation feature for their premises or home please refer to the information on this page, and if there is anything you don’t feel we have covered please fill out the enquiry form. 

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Read below the answers to some of our frequently asked questions, but if we have missed anything, please get in touch! 

Do you design the feature from scratch?

Yes, after consulting with you regarding sizing, space, desired outcome, colour theme etc we then draw up a feature proposal for you to confirm. 

Do you show us a graphic before we confirm the design?

We will fully describe and quote the feature for you however, we also have a graphic design proof service available at an extra cost of £100 as an option before going ahead. 

Can I install this myself?

A lot of our features are very bespoke and specially put together and installed. However, our flower wall panels are easy to install and these can be ordered and installed by you without our installation service. 

How do you work out the cost of an installation? 

Every design is different, we will create a design that is right for you, based on your budget. 

After confirming a bespoke installation what is the turn a round time?

This completely depends on the design, and time of year. Usually we ask for 3-5 weeks however, we can work to deadlines on request. 

Can you do outdoor installation?

Yes as our materials are the highest quality artificial flowers on the market and we spray them with a waterproof protector. An outdoor installation is obviously less durable and won’t last as long but it is possible. 

Do you fireproof your installations? 

Yes! We ALWAYS fire proof spray our work straight after installation. 

How long does a bespoke installation by Blossom Wall last? 

As the flowers are artificial there is no specific lasting period however if you take care and prevent people touching / walking in to your display this can last for years and years! 

How do I maintain my bespoke flower wall?

Minimal contact with the feature. Dusting gently every week to keep clean and hygienic.